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nopCommerce Skinning Services

At AuComm we believe design and frontend development should be based on business objectives, not subjective personal preference.  With over 100 eCommerce sites under our belt, we know the best way to design and develop an eCommerce site to maximize conversions and increase sales.  Our frontend developers are highly trained and have years of experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  At AuComm we develop using Foundation as our coding framework, which ensures your site is mobile friendly.  If you would like to learn more about our nopCommerce skinning services we can setup a free consultation, just give us a call or request a quote to speak to a nopCommerce expert!

Standards We Follow

  • Design to optimize conversions
  • Focus on offering the best user experience
  • Clean navigation and intuitive design
  • Design for both people and search engines
  • Develop using logical and organized code
html, css and javascript

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How Code Affects Performance

When you build any website, your frontend code has a huge impact on the websites ability to load.  A well built site can load quickly and efficiently, which make the site scalable for more traffic as well as more features.  At AuComm our developers are trained to use minimal code and to organize it in a scalable manner to ensure optimum site performance.  It is especially important on eCommerce websites, because by nature they are heavier and larger than most non-eCommerce websites.  One of the key benefits of using nopCommerce is the fact that it is a light weight platform, from a code perspective, so we can build a quick performing site with a rock solid foundation.