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About AuComm

AuComm is a full-service eCommerce agency that provides end-to-end solutions for online retailers as well as wholesalers. Whether you need strategy, design, development, integration, managed hosting, or marketplace services, our team of experienced eCommerce professionals are here to help.

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Who We Are

AuComm is a division of Golden Communications, a full-service agency that has been around for over 20 years. We have a proven track record of bringing world-class eCommerce websites to life. Our tagline is “the science of eCommerce”, hence the name AuComm (Au being the chemical element for gold). In science, the methods used are based on proven results from empirical or measurable evidence. Similarly, our eCommerce practices have been assembled from the proven results which we’ve extracted from the success of our clients over the years.

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Bringing world-class eCommerce websites to life for nearly 30 years

Request a custom quote, and we'll help you:

  • Stand out from your competitors in the hottest marketplaces
  • Set up an all-encompassing, multi-channel eCommerce ecosystem
  • Attract the right customers with personalized marketing strategies
  • Build a website that works hard for you (not just with you)
  • Choose the platform(s) that best fit your business needs
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Our Process

1. Planning

Every successful project starts with knowing what the end looks like. Our project managers take the time to learn about your business, your needs, and your goals. Then they will work with your team to map out every step that is needed to build you the eCommerce solution of your dreams. From creating wireframes, to putting on the finishing touches, and implementing your SEO strategy, this is where the roadmap is built.

2. Design

After the initial wireframes are approved, the fun begins. Our UI/UX experts start the design process with your custom homepage, which sets the style and tone for the rest of the site. Then, each page is rendered according to your goals, branding guidelines, and needed functionality.

3. Development

This is where your website starts to spring to life! Using the designs, plans and requirements previously created, our developers will digitally craft each page and feature until the site is fully functional and ready to go live. Once the site is built, we will assist with adding content and product data, setting up payment, shipping, and tax logic, and configuring site promotions.

4. Quality Assurance (QA)

Every website we built goes through a 2 phase quality assurance test. First, our team will test to make sure that all content and features are working as desired, as well as run the site through our extensive checklist to make sure that site performance, and functionality are optimized. Next, we pass the site to you for user acceptance testing (UAT). Once both parties are satisfied with the final result, we are ready to launch!

5. Launch

Launching a website can look different depending on who is going to host the website and whether or not we are launching a brand new website or replacing an existing website. We will work closely with your team to ensure the website launch is as seamless as possible.

6. Post-Launch Support

Once your new website is live, we will continue to support your eCommerce needs based on the level of service you desire. If you want active monthly support and strategy, then you would enter our monthly retainer program. Otherwise, if you just want support on an as-needed basis, you would work with our customer support team and submit requests via tickets and calls.

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