Team Members

  • Jason Lavin CEO

    Jason Lavin CEO

    My wife (Brenda) and I both graduated from Tustin High in 1988. Marrying my best friend (we met in 8th grade) was the best thing ever to happen to me. Like many others on my block and around the corner, I graduated from USC. Some might think it’s funny that I wear flip flops to work most days – I just think it’s comfortable and faster than putting on shoes. On the weekends, you can find me spending time in my neighborhood with family and friends or coaching one of my three kids on one of their teams.

    I started GoldenComm some 19 years ago when I told a good friend that I could do his client’s website. Truth be told, the down payment he gave me to build the website I used to buy my first computer (Gateway 386). Thankfully, with a little luck, and some good friends, I figured it out. Over the years, we’ve grown to over 40 employees locally (Newport Beach) and 70 world-wide (Poland and India) and support over 500 clients. My job here is leadership and strategy, but I can still be found online, late at night, in the weeds of a client’s website, analyzing to improve that conversion rate by 1%. That’s just what I do. I love helping big companies work lean and small. I also love helping smaller companies compete with the big boys. The Internet is awesome, still growing and new opportunities open up, daily.

    Oh yes, we’re always looking to hire wildly talented people.

  • Andrew Nguyen Chief Technical Officer

    Andrew Nguyen Chief Technical Officer

    I was born in a rural area of Vietnam. At the age of 10, I migrated to Orange County, where I was introduced to my first programming language.  Since then, I have been fascinated with programming, which became my hobby and my passion.  I enrolled myself to as many computer related courses as possible throughout my high school years, received information computer science bachelor’s degree from University of California, Irvine and computer computer science master’s degree from University of California, San Diego.

    With more than 18 years of software engineer experience, my roles at AuComm range from gathering technical requirements, architecting solution, programing, providing support, and mentoring.  I am aspire to generate real values for clients by using technologies that not only meet current business needs, but also provide solutions that are efficient, reliable, scalable, and adaptable long term.

  • Audra Gussin Senior Project Manager

    Audra Gussin Senior Project Manager

    I’ve been known to jump on a plane last minute to an exciting destination, hike up a mountain before dawn to watch the sun rise, repel down a waterfall, get stuck in 4 feet of snow, or just sit with locals in a foreign country and pretend to speak/understand the language. (I fail at pretending!)

    I’ll never turn down a good adventure, and thankfully my life in the e-commerce world is somewhat of an ongoing adventure.  Every project has its unique objectives – the business goals, the marketing initiatives, the project plans.  I thrive on developing the dynamic client relationships and being a part of growing businesses.   

    About 9 years after first entering project management and e-commerce development, I just had a client say to me the other day, “Audra, you still love your job, don’t you!”  When each day presents exciting challenges, inspiring co-workers/teammates, and new and valuable learning experiences, how can you not love what you do!  

  • Megan Picarello Project Manager

    Megan Picarello Project Manager

    I was born in the Philippines and moved around from state to state when I was younger due to my Dad being in the Air Force.  I have been lucky enough to visit many different parts of the country and by moving so many times I find it easy to adapt to new places.  I moved to California almost 3 years ago and I have loved every minute of being here!  Prior to the move, I was living in Little Rock, Arkansas where I attended the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  There I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.   Never in a million years did I ever think I would do anything web related for a career, but then I was introduced to eCommerce and instantly found myself excited about it.  

    My first eCommerce experience was working with a startup company that manufactured and sold photography lighting equipment.  With that company, I was charged with helping to manage their AspDotNETStorefront website, as well as setting up Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and Rakuten stores for them.  I took a strong interest in optimizing their Amazon store and was able to grow the business tremendously.  When it comes to online selling, I’m your go-to-gal!

  • Tim Shiel Lead Tech Analyst

    Tim Shiel Lead Tech Analyst

    Having been born in the late ’80s in tech-heavy CA, I played with computers throughout my childhood. I remember setting up a new Compaq desktop computer in my room (95′ or so) and sleeping through the night with the monitor on and a blanket covering it – me not knowing you could turn it off (oh, how well I slept the next day when I figured it out!). Anyways, I was fascinated by the rise of AOL,, and because of the excitement I’d see from adults who, in retrospect, were most likely riding the internet stock boom to glory, cleverly financed by their home equity loans and maxed-out credit lines. Luckily, I was young enough not to have any exposure to the eventual bust, leaving the positive boom mentality with me. Fast-forward to today – an internet investment environment comprised of ROI-based decisions ranging from proven strategies to calculated-risk taking. At AuComm, I work with businesses within this range of decision-making by bringing new ideas to the table and executing on strategies customized for their unique business requirements.


  • Jessica Katz Manager, Online Marketing Group

    Jessica Katz Manager, Online Marketing Group

    I came to GoldenComm with over 7 years of marketing experience, with an emphasis in strategic online marketing and analysis. Most recently I worked in-house for a global eCommerce driven technology company. I focused on building the overall digital presence, marketing and branding, product promotions, digital partnerships, email marketing programs, event promotions and behavioral customer segmentation. I worked very closely with the UI/UX team, designers and developers to create genuine experiences for each marketing & sales vertical, in order to meet the business goals of the company – ranging from user engagement, to various application completions, downloads and most importantly: product sales.

    Making the jump over to an agency has been great! At GoldenComm I am surrounded by an extremely talented team that does what it takes to build harder working websites and create success for our clients. I doubt you’ll find a more passionate group of people dedicated to what we do.

    Outside of work? You’ll find me hiking or running outdoors, spending time with my adorable corgi Stuart, or relaxing with great food and great friends. Cheers!

  • Casey Deveau Server Administration/ Security/ Development

    Casey Deveau Server Administration/ Security/ Development

    Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, my childhood was spent hunting, fishing, playing video games, or parked in front of a computer. Whether it be gaming, chatting, surfing the net, building websites, applications, bots, or reverse engineering software to understand how it works and make it better, you’ll find me at the computer until the wee hours of the morning. I also enjoy playing my guitar, listening to music, and traveling the world.

    I recently relocated to sunny Orange County California and have since found my home here at GoldenComm as a Systems Administrator and Web Developer. I have a wide array of skill-sets and generally have many projects on the go. I am involved with front end development, programming, troubleshooting, technical consulting, security, and many other things. No project is too big, or too small and I very much enjoy architecting custom solutions.

  • Zak Perez Front End Developer & Designer

    Zak Perez Front End Developer & Designer

    I was born and raised in Anaheim, California and I have lived in Orange County ever since. I attended Irvine High School where I played point guard and shooting guard on the varsity basketball team. During my high school years, my interest in art began to take off. In 2004 I decided to pursue my career as a traditional and commercial designer. While attending California State University Fullerton, I have been able to focus my efforts in learning everything I can about the art of design.

    My thirst for knowledge and desire to learn lead me to Goldencomm. I was welcomed to the team as a web design intern then promoted to a front end developer tech lead that specializes in new website builds. One of my goals is to use my development skills and business knowledge to create valuable strategies that make an impact to accelerate the growth and revenue of our clients with harder working websites.

  • Lissete Barriga Front End Developer

    Lissete Barriga Front End Developer

    Born and raised in Santa Ana and now living in Tustin, I’m a Orange County native through and through. Growing up, I was always into design and computers and would get excited as a kid when my teacher would let us use Kid Pix or MS paint so I could be creative. I was eager to go to art college and study a program that would combine my passions for design and computers. I naturally picked Web design and Interactive Media as my major and graduated 3 years later and started my career as a web designer and front end developer.
    I’ve been in this industry for 7 years and love seeing how it has evolved throughout the years in design and development. I’m into learning all aspects of this industry, but I love the challenge of turning a complex design into something tangible people have an easy time interacting with. When I’m not in front of a computer, I enjoy spending time with my family and attempting to learn things where I actually have to use my hands on something other than a keyboard. I’ll get good at cooking someday!
  • Stela Pham Senior Back End Developer

    Stela Pham Senior Back End Developer

    Sophomore year of college. That’s where it all started.

    I took a general computer class and by the end of the quarter, I was hooked. As cliché as this sounds, I knew that this is where I needed to be.

    It’s been 14 years – I am a Senior Web Application Developer, with 13 of the 14 years spent working in fast pace web firms where I have had the opportunity to learn a variety of industries and technologies.

    I get a kick out of architecting and executing website builds and collaborating with a team of developers to meet a company’s goals and needs. When a site is well-executed and effective – that’s a high for me, every time.

    When I’m not doing just that, you can find me reading anything from nonfiction and manga. And if it’s not reading, it’s do-it-yourself projects. You can find me sewing, crocheting, knitting or reupholstering a chair with a staple gun.

    In these 14 years what have I learned? That nothing is impossible. If you’re willing to learn, adapt to new situations and dedicate the hours – nothing is impossible. That’s something we prove, here at GC, every day.

  • Johnnie Stinson Designer

    Johnnie Stinson Designer

    Growing up in Long Beach, I was surrounded by beautiful sceneries and amazing people. From a very young age, my family of “creatives” inspired me to follow my dreams of becoming an artist. My childhood revolved around music, cartoons, computers and video games. I played the piano, drew comic strips, and came up with ideas for games that I wanted to create and share with everyone. In my free time, I still watch cartoons, play videos and in my free time, record music, create t-shirt designs, and take pictures everywhere I go.

    I’ve always been passionate about art and even taught myself how to use Photoshop and create websites design. My education helped to refine the skills I had developed on my own. I graduated from The Art Institute of California Orange County in 2013 with a Graphic Design degree and started working at GoldenComm as a Designer shortly after. I’m responsible for designing the look and feel of websites, as well as coming up with new ideas for print and marketing materials. What I love most about my job is working with a variety of clients and acquiring new styles and techniques to apply to every design.

  • Chris Villa-Lobos Client Services

    Chris Villa-Lobos Client Services

    My professional career in eCommerce started 9 years ago working under the Director of Marketing at an Orange County based computer reseller. Under his wing, I was exposed to multiple different branches of marketing in a real-world environment allowing me to see the effectiveness vs. cost of each. From there, I moved into working as a webmaster for a separate reseller implementing the techniques I learned increasing their conversion rates five-fold over the course of a year. Though it wasn’t until my time here at AUComm, I realized, I wasn’t even scratching the surface of eCommerce.

    Small details, such as explicit call to actions or even color selections, play a large enough role in the perception of the potential customer to show me that every detail has its own implications. My extensive background in Art and Design ensures that all of our sites are built pixel perfect with an emphasis on conversions. No matter how aesthetically pleasing a feature may be, we look at our sites holistically and only implement the proven methods of accomplishing success.


    After all, If you don’t succeed neither do we.


  • Christin Dang Front End Developer

    Christin Dang Front End Developer

    I come from a traditional Asian family and, true to stereotype, my parents pressured me to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Uncertain of what I wanted to be, I followed their wish and majored in Biology at UCSD. During college I took an interest in the web and how my artistic talents could be used in web designing. After solidifying my interest by taking web courses and working on a machining company’s website, I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and graduated with a MFA in Web Design & New Media. Since then I’ve been with the wonderful team at AuComm and greatly expanded my skill set. I do front end development for all of the eCommerce platforms AuComm offers as well as design work here and there. I love the problem solving, challenging nature of coding and the creativity of designing. It’s a great balance – coding and designing. If I did coding all the time, I think I would be pulling out my hair!

    In my spare time, I enjoy making all sorts of baked goods like cookies, cupcakes and muffins. I also enjoy cooking, but I’ve had my share of cooking disasters so I stick with baking. Plus, I have a big sweet tooth!