Magento Certified Developers

Being the #1 eCommerce platform used today, Magento is a very robust platform with tons of features that are out of the box. Magento also comes with thousands of third party extensions that can be added on. AuComm is an experienced eCommerce development firm that develops on both versions of Magento (Community and Enterprise). Our team is Magento certified, in both development and solution architecture.  Part of our value proposition is helping you to understand the differences between both platforms so you can make sure you pick the right solution for your business.  We offer the following Magento Development services: Theming, Development, Module Development, Integrations, Magento 1- Magento 2 migration upgrade services, Support & Maintenance, hosting and Audits.

Our Magento Services

Key Benefits of Magento

So what are the key benefits of using Magento as your eCommerce platform?  Here are a few key features that most sellers appreciate about Magento.  For a full list check out the official Magento feature list.

  • Flexible rule based promotions and coupons
  • Built with SEO in mind
  • User friendly admin control panel
  • Permission based admin levels
  • Multi-store capable
  • Supports a wide variety of product types
  • Top grade security
  • Easy checkout process
  • Mobile friendly
  • Good reporting

Is Magento Right For My Business?

Although many eCommerce companies have heard of Magento, few understand Magento well enough to know if it is the right fit for their business needs.  Here are some scenarios for when Magento is a good fit:

  • Your monthly eCommerce sales are greater than $30,000
  • You sell various types of products (simple, items with variance, bundles, etc.)
  • You have a marketing team that wants flexible promotion and marketing tools
  • You need complex order fulfillment logic
  • You have different customer levels (retail, distributor or wholesaler)
  • You want to run multiple online stores with one admin control panel
  • You want to integrate your website with various third party systems

If your business meets some or all of the above criteria then Magento is probably a good fit for your business.  Does this mean you cannot build on Magento if your monthly sales are less than $30,000?  No, but just know that the cost of development and the cost of hosting a Magento site is probably higher than you are use to paying so be prepared.  There are other eCommerce platforms that fit business that only want a simple eCommerce platform with no bells and whistles.  Magento is built for eCommerce business that need a robust platform that can do it all.  If Magento sounds like a good fit for your business, contact us today to discuss our Magento development services.