Our Process

Although every project is unique, all of our development projects follow the same proven process:


Before we build an eCommerce website, we need to know exactly what needs to be built.  In construction terms, we like to measure twice and cut once.  This is why we sit down with your team and iron out all of the website requirements in detail, from how it should look and feel to all of the functionality it needs to support.  From those requirements we create a wireframe along with user stories.  Once user stories and your wireframe are approved, we put together a project plan which maps out the entire development process with projected timelines.


After the initial wireframes are approved we move into design.  We start with the home page since that defines the aesthetic for all other pages.  Our design team will factor in best practices, user experience (UX/UI), site functionality, business goals and branding guidelines into how the site is designed.  Once designs are finalized we then move into the development process.


This is where most of the magic happens.  Using the approved user stories, wireframes, and designs, our team of developers and programmers build out your website and configure your store so that it’s fully functional.  If your project also requires third party integrations or custom features, this is all done within the development phase.  Part of this phase is importing in product information, setting up payment, shipping and tax logic as well as configuring promotions and overall site content.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Once your website is done we will implement a quality assurance test (internal test) as well as a user acceptance testing (UAT) process.  This is where we “beat the site up” to make sure it works exactly the way it is supposed to.  Once the site passes our internal QA process we hand the development site over to you so your team can play with it to ensure it’s up to par.  Once both sides approve that the site is functioning correctly, we schedule a launch.


Launching a website can look different depending on who is going to host the website and whether or not we are launching a brand new website or replacing an existing website.  We will work closely with your team to ensure the website launch is as seamless as possible.

Post Launch Support

Once your new website is live we will continue to support your eCommerce needs based on the level of service you desire.  If you want active monthly support and strategy then you would enter our monthly retainer program.  Otherwise, if you just want support on an as-needed basis then you would work with our customer support team and submit requests via tickets and calls.