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Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Adobe Commerce (Formerly Magento) is a robust platform that offers unparalleled flexibility in managing and maintaining the online experience both for customers and administrators. At AuComm, we offer full suite of support for building Adobe Commerce sites including: theming, development, module development, integrations, Magento 1- Magento 2 migration upgrade services, support & maintenance, hosting, and audits.

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Why Choose Adobe Commerce?

While other platforms can be used for a variety of uses, Adobe Commerce has a specialized focus on e-commerce, offering scalability, extensive customization options, and SEO-friendly features. Additionally, Adobe Commerce enables users to manage multiple stores efficiently while prioritizing mobile responsiveness and security. Its robust features, including secure payment gateways and regular updates, make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking to create and maintain online stores tailored to their specific needs and branding requirements.

Key Features

Flexible rule-based promotions and coupons

Adobe Commerce excels in flexible rule-based promotions and coupons, empowering users to create sophisticated promotional campaigns tailored to their business goals. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive rule-setting capabilities, Magento enables businesses to implement diverse discount strategies, enhancing customer engagement and driving sales effectively.

Built with SEO in mind

Adobe Commerce incorporates features and functionalities that prioritize search engine optimization. While others have the ability to obtain SEO tools, Adobe Commerce has them directly built into the platform, allowing user to manage canonical tags, optimizing site speed, and facilitate mobile responsiveness, all of which contribute to improved SEO performance.

Permission-based admin levels

Adobe Commerce's permission-based admin levels offer significant benefits by allowing businesses to control access to sensitive data and functionality within their online store. This feature enables administrators to assign specific roles and permissions to users, ensuring that only authorized personnel can perform certain tasks or access particular sections of the backend. By maintaining tight control over user access, Adobe Commerce enhances security, reduces the risk of data breaches, and promotes efficient management of the e-commerce platform.

Multi-store capable

Adobe Commerce's multi-store capabilities enable businesses to manage multiple online stores from a single admin interface, streamlining operations and reducing complexity. This feature allows users to create distinct storefronts with unique branding, product catalogs, and pricing strategies, catering to diverse customer segments or geographical markets. With centralized management of multiple stores, Adobe Commerce enhances efficiency, facilitates scalability, and empowers businesses to expand their online presence effectively.

Supports a wide variety of product types

Adobe Commerce supports a diverse range of product types, including simple, configurable, virtual, downloadable, and grouped products, providing businesses with flexibility to showcase various types of offerings. Whether selling physical goods, digital downloads, or subscription services, Adobe Commerce's versatile product management system accommodates different business models and industries. This variety of product types enables businesses to effectively showcase their offerings, enhance the shopping experience, and cater to the specific needs of their customers.

Top grade security

Adobe Commerce offers robust security features to safeguard users' online stores, including secure payment gateways, data encryption, and regular security updates to mitigate vulnerabilities. Additionally, Adobe Commerce provides features like two-factor authentication, role-based access control, and PCI compliance to enhance protection against unauthorized access and ensure adherence to industry standards. With a strong focus on security, Adobe Commerce empowers businesses to build trust with customers, protect sensitive data, and maintain the integrity of their e-commerce operations.

Why use AuComm for your Adobe Commerce setup?

Adobe Commerce offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to customizing every aspect of how an online store can function. Unfortunately, this level of flexibility can become daunting for users unfamiliar with the Platform. AuComm not only has a command over the development and customization process, but also has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your store is built with the latest best practices that will keep your site running reliably smooth.

Our eCommerce experience

We have over 17 years of experience setting up eCommerce websites, so we know exactly what needs to be done. We can help you set up your store as well as teach you how to use it. Our team of eCommerce experts will guide you through the entire Adobe Commerce setup process: from design, development, and product setup/import to configuration, testing, and launch. This way, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of setting up your eCommerce store. We also offer long-term support so you are never alone in maintaining and updating your eCommerce website.

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