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The Company

STILLEN is a world recognized manufacturer and distributor of premium quality automotive performance parts. Founded 30 years ago by world famous race car driver Steve Millen, STILLEN’s depth of knowledge regarding vehicle performance and automotive customization is unmatched. Although they are best known for Nissan performance parts, STILLEN now manufactures and sells performance parts and accessories for almost every automotive brand.

stillen case study

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The Challenge

STILLEN had several challenges with the previous site. It was built on an older version of OS commerce and the UI/UX of the site was outdated, slow and not mobile friendly. STILLEN has approximately 50,000 products with over 18,000 year, make and model fitment options. From a database perspective their website had over 700,000 vehicle fitment variations and more than 3,000,000 database records.  The challenge was to find a platform that would support their massive amount of product variations and that would scale with the rapid growth of their online business. In addition, STILLEN had a long list of additional features they wanted on their new website such as custom shipping logic, multiple user levels, automated transaction emails, mobile friendly and more.

stillen old website

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The Solution

We leveraged the Magento Enterprise Edition as the platform for STILLEN’s new website. Although Magento addressed many of their requirements out-of-the-box, a lot of customization was required to meet their functional requirements as well as their performance needs. Here is a high level list of some of the core customizations that were made: User friendly Year/Make/Model filtering, advanced auto suggestive search (Solr), custom shipping logic, multiple customer levels with unique pricing logic, automated re-order and cross-sell emails and a custom CMS to manage over 18,000 dynamically generated vehicle landing pages. Another complex aspect of this project was working with STILLEN to integrate Magento with their ERP system as well as a separate database to pull vehicle information.

stillen new website

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Year, Make and Model Filtering

At first glance, adding a Year, Make, Model filter might not seem like a big request, but once you look at the big picture of how this one feature impacts all other aspects of Magento it quickly becames a much biggest task. Adding a Year, Make and Model filter not only impacted product results within a category page, it also impacted category results throughout the whole site, including the main navigation. This feature also impacted how related, up-sell and cross-sell product function, URL structures, and how the site performs when loading with caching and indexing.

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Advanced Solr Search

STILLEN wanted to offer customers the best shopping experience so having a user friendly search was very important. We leveraged Apache Solr search to provide the best relevant results with a user friendly design. This way STILLEN would offer product, category and keyword results that would load instantly without impacting their web server performance.

Solr search

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Marketing Automation

Magento Enterprise Edition comes with cart recovery emails and automated email based on what items are in a customer’s wish list. However, STILLEN wanted additional automated emails based on what customer’s have ordered so they can upsell related items as well as re-order reminders on consumable items like brake pads.

marketing automation

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Mobile Friendly

One of the major driving forces for STILLEN to build a new website was to have a mobile friendly website. Roughly half of their traffic is mobile so having a site that was not mobile friendly was not ideal. We built the new STILLEN website to be adaptive instead of responsive because their site is very resource and data heavy, so we wanted to minimize the load time on mobile devices.

stillen case study mcommerce

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Site Speed

Since STILLEN had so much product and vehicle fitment data, loading data and assets on their site was challenging because we had to find a way to load a ton of data without sacrificing on site speed. Although Magento Enterprise Edition comes with Full Page Caching, FPC wouldn’t work for STILLEN out-of-the-box due to all of the year, make and model variations of each page. Therefore, we had to create custom indexing logic to allow pages to load quickly and efficiently.

website speed

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Custom Shipping Logic

STILLEN had some unique shipping requirements due to huge range in weight and size of their products. In addition, many of their items are drop shipped from various manufacturers so custom rules were required to accommodate their specific shipping needs. Rules were based on whether the shipment was standard or express and differed between domestic and international. Even certain products had to have their own custom logic which would override the normal shipping rules for an entire order.

ecommerce custom shipping

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The Results

Now that STILLEN has their new website we look forward to seeing the success of their new online marketing efforts. So far we are seeing good indications with an increase in average order value, page sessions, average session durations as well as a decrease in bounce rate. We will update this STILLEN case study as time goes on to provide quantifiable results of their new website performance.

stillen case study results

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