Magento Audit

When Do You Need A Magento Audit?

Building a website is a lot like building a house.  First you have to plan out what you want to build (gathering requirements) then you draw up blueprints (wireframes and design comps), then you build (develop).  Unfortunately one major difference between construction and development is in construction there are regulated inspectors that have to approve of every job before they can be complete.  In the world of web development this comes in the form of a Magento audit, but these are not required.  So when should you have your site audited to ensure it was built well?  Here are a few common situations where you should have your Magento site audited:

  • Is your Magento site slow?
  • Worried you won’t pass your next PCI compliance assessment?
  • Worried about leaking customer sensitive data?
  • Is your Magento site not able to successfully apply a security update?
  • Not able to install a third party extension?
  • Is your site not ranking well for SEO?
  • Are you planning to integrate your site with an ERP system?

If any of these reasons sound familiar you should have your Magento website audited by a team of certified professionals.  At AuComm our team of Magento certified developers and solution specialists can help you audit your site.  We offer a full Magento audit as well as audits focused on specific aspects of your Magento site.

What is Included in an AuComm Magento Audit?

Our Magento audit consists of three sections: Performance, Code and SEO. For most clients we conduct a full audit covering all three sections, but we can also tailor an audit to focus on one or two these sections if you do not need all three.

Magento Performance Audit

Our Magento Performance Audit addresses the overall hosting environment, store setup and optimization best practices.  Our report covers:

  • Server Hardware
  • Web Server (configuration of Apache and PHP)
  • Database Server (MySQL Performance Tuning)
  • Overall Code Quality
  • Specific Page Performance (Home, Category, Product, Cart, Checkout, etc.)
  • Index Management
  • Cache Management
  • Catalog Optimization
  • Magento Configuration
  • Extension Usage
  • Other Optimization Practices.

Magento Code Audit

Our Magento Code Audit addresses internal integrity of customizations on Magento store to ensure upgrade-ability, best performance and security.  Our report covers:

  • Magento Core Code Quality
  • Overriding core classes in local code pools
  • XML Layouts and XML Integrity
  • Proper usage of Magento code pools
  • Security Check for external-sources
  • Debugging to trace down PHP notices or PHP warnings
  • Check for Zend Coding Standards

Magento SEO Audit

Our Magento SEO Audit addresses all aspects of your on-site optimization with a specific focus on how to best leverage Magento.  Our SEO report covers:

  • Accessibility Assessment
  • Indexed Appearance (desktop and mobile devices)
  • Title and all Meta Tag Assessment
  • Complete Webmaster Tools Assessment (google and Bing)
  • Organic Search Terms
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Crawl Errors
  • XML Site Map
  • Any Penalties (steps to fix)
  • Alt Tag and Anchor Text Assessment
  • HTML Markup
  • Site Performance
  • Content Creation (text, photos and video)
  • URL re-writes and Structure
  • One Way Links and Other Off-Page Factors
  • Trust Seals

If you are interested in our Magento Audit services give us a call or request a quote to speak with one of our Magento experts!

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