Magento Development

Why Choose AuComm for Magento Development

  • Certified Magento development and solution specialist team
  • We bring years of eCommerce experience to the table
  • Over 100 eCommerce sites built in past 17 years
  • Our team has been working together for years
  • We deliver on-time and within budget

Expert Magento Developers

Looking for Magento development services? Our team of certified expert developers are experienced in working with Magento Open Source as well as Magento Commerce. Whether you want to launch a simple Magento site, add on a third party extensions or customize Magento to meet your specific business needs, we can help. Our team has been working together for many years and we’ve built eCommerce websites on multiple platforms. Over the past few years we’ve focused our attention on Magento because it has become the leading eCommerce platform for medium to large size businesses. If you would like to setup a free consultation give us a call or request a quote to speak to a Magento expert!

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Why Hire A Team?

Magento is an extremely robust and feature rich eCommerce platform. For this reason, Magento is not a platform that can be easily managed by just one developer. Due to its unique architecture you need a team of experienced developers (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), Programmers (PHP, MySQL) and a system solution specialist to configure Magento properly to fit your business. ¬†Without the proper experience or knowledge of Magento, you may end up making things more complicated or customizing things that don’t need to be customized. A golden rule of Magento is maximize the out of the box features as much as possible and only customize it when you have to. This is why we spend time understanding your business needs to ensure you get the most out of Magento.