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Magento Theming Services

Designing eCommerce websites that increase sales is our specialty. Unlike many other firms that focus designing a website that the client likes, we focus our design on user experience and increasing sales because we understand that your website is for your customers, not you.  Magento design and frontend development is referred to as Magento Theming. Magento offers tons of prebuilt themes that you can download for free or purchase, the problem with these themes is many times they are code heavy and not easily customized. We can implement and customize existing themes, but most of our clients choose to go with a custom designed theme. With custom Magento themes we are able to optimize your customer’s user experience, while at the same time optimizing your sites page speed / loading times.

Our team of designers and developers are capable of designing responsive and adaptive Magento themes to ensure your site is mobile friendly. So whether you need design, theme modification or custom theme development, we can help!

Standards We Follow

  • Design to optimize conversions
  • Focus on offering the best user experience
  • Clean navigation and intuitive design
  • Design for both people and search engines

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