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eCommerce Design

Like any web development project, design is an important aspect of developing a successful eCommerce website. However, we like to focus on the user experience and optimizing for conversions rather than just making the website look pretty. Yes, we design beautiful websites, but based on proven scientific methods, we design with the end user in mind to ensure your customers have the best buying experience possible.

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UI/UX Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are important factors to consider when designing an eCommerce website. UI is what the site actually looks like (e.g. style, color scheme, layout, etc.) while UX is what the shopper experiences while clicking around on your website (e.g. site load times, how intuitive the navigation is, drop-down vs. lists, etc.). Both UI and UX need to be taken into consideration when designing an eCommerce website because the UI will ultimately determine how stimulated and engaged your visitors are while the UX will determine the overall experience and whether they enjoyed their shopping experience.

Strategic Design

Perhaps the most overlooked part of an eCommerce web design is making sure site speed performance and industry standards are taken into consideration. Most people think site speed performance is only based on the way a website is coded, but that's just not true. Some web firms will design a beautiful, graphic-heavy website that looks pretty on a PDF, but once you actually build it out, the site speed is slow. We take all of this into consideration when designing a strategic eCommerce website. We also look at things like current best practices for mobile devices as well as SEO.

Branding Design

At AuComm we understand that your company has an image and persona that needs to be upheld. Your website is usually the most visible aspect of your brand, so we take steps to make sure your company is properly represented online. Don't settle for a pre-designed theme —your brand is unique and deserves a website that reflects that. This is why we offer custom eCommerce web design work.

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