Online Marketing

Although having an awesome eCommerce website is important, a website without traffic is useless. At AuComm we help many of our clients with on-going online marketing support after their website goes live. Whether you need help with SEO, Paid Search, Shopping Feeds, Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing, we can do it all. We have a team of dedicated online marketing specialists that have years of experience in all forms of online marketing. One of our key straights is our ability to leverage our technical skill sets with our online marketing capabilities to create industry leading solutions that most clients would not be able to achieve within internal resources alone.

eCommerce SEO

All SEO is not created equally. Although the core strategies are the same for all websites, a simple lead generation website SEO strategy is very different from a massive eCommerce websites SEO Strategy. Our team of SEO experts have years of experience in dealing with the unique issues that eCommerce websites face from a SEO perspective. We help many of our clients to optimize their eCommerce websites for organic traffic. As a Google Partner we stay up to date with all of the recent Google algorithm changes.

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eCommerce Paid Search & PLAs

One of the great equalizers in marketing is paid search because this is where even small sellers can compete head-to-head with large brands. We help many clients to drive relevant traffic to their eCommerce websites through multiple paid search channels. From traditional text ads, remarketing banners, display ads, Google Shopping, Amazon PLAs and more, our online marketing specialists are trained to maximize your ROI for paid search.

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eCommerce Email Marketing

Email marketing is usually the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to ROI. We help many of our clients with their email marketing needs in all manners. From strategy, design, development, campaign setup, campaign management, analyzing performance and even full marketing automation. Our team of email marketing specialists have years of experience with email design, email delivery best practices, campaign management, customer segmentation and drip campaign strategy. We also specialize in setting up eCommerce specific transactional emails such as cart recovery, product upsell and reorder reminder emails.

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