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eCommerce Marketing

A big part of selling online is mastering online marketing because you need new customers to grow your online sales. At AuComm we have a team of experienced eCommerce professionals that have years of experience in growing online sales through all forms of online marketing. Whether you’re dealing with eCommerce SEO, Paid Search, Product Listing Ads (PLAs), Display Ads, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, or even Marketing Automation, we’ve got you covered.

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eCommerce SEO

Isn’t all search engine optimization (SEO) the same? If you have experience in eCommerce, you know that statement isn’t true. SEO for eCommerce sites is very different than SEO for a dental office because you’re typically dealing with hundreds or thousands of product pages, not to mention a ton of SEO issues that a smaller non-eCommerce site usually never has to deal with. Our SEO experts know how to build organic ranking for eCommerce websites, no matter how many SKUs or product variations you have.

Google Shopping & PLAs

Google Shopping and other product listing ads (PLAs) typically dominate the paid search arena for eCommerce sites. This is why our team of online marketers have made it a point to master all aspects of PLAs, from setup to optimization. We have tons of experience working with Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, and many other PLAs and CSEs.

Personalized Email Marketing

Thanks to sites like Amazon, online customers expect a personalized shopping experience—whether that means showing unique promotions and products based on previous purchase history or sending an automated email upselling a related item based on what a customer recently viewed. Personalized shopping has become the new standard and our team of experts can help you to accomplish this level of sophistication for your customers, no matter what eCommerce platform you’re on.

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