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eCommerce Operations

Without the proper infrastructure, you cannot successfully grow your eCommerce business. This is why we work with our clients to help them understand how to properly grow their eCommerce team to scale with their business. We provide strategy, processes, and procedures as well as hands-on training in order for you to thrive with your business growth.

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Product Management

Perhaps the most under-appreciated position in eCommerce is product management. Many business executives think that once you set up a product you don’t have to manage that product other than occasionally updating pricing. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case due to the rapidly changing eCommerce environment—especially with how often search engines change their algorithms. Optimizing your product information is as important as having retail workers who can display your products optimally within a retail store. This includes updating titles, descriptions, attributes, prices, metadata, images, related products, and much more.

Customer Service

Having a great customer service experience can make or break your online reputation. Unlike a traditional retail business, your customer’s only human interaction is through your customer service team members. More often than not, those interactions are limited to live chat, email messages, or possibly phone calls. To run a successful eCommerce business, you must offer great customer service scalable to your business’s needs, especially if you’re going to be selling across multiple sales channels. Having the right team members, training, processes, and procedures can make the difference between successfully selling online and developing a bad seller reputation impairing your ranking within search engines.

Order Processing / Fulfillment

As Amazon raises the bar on order fulfillment standards each year, eCommerce professionals are forced to compete or get left behind. Every eCommerce business needs to constantly evaluate their order processing and fulfillment operations to ensure their products are shipping out on time and accurately. Many eCommerce business owners that don’t scale their operations appropriately, before they run into limitations, end up with major fulfillment problems. This leads to negative reviews and a poor seller reputation. Our eCommerce experts can help you plan out your eCommerce operations growth plan to ensure continued online sales.

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