Marketplace Management

Many people think that selling on your own eCommerce website is enough. Today, eCommerce sellers need to go where their customers are if they want to grow. This is why it has become a necessity for many eCommerce sellers expand onto additional online sales channels such as marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Our team of eCommerce experts have years of experience in dealing with the most popular marketplaces and have mastered the various challenges associated with each of them. We help many of our clients to expand onto multiple marketplaces which ultimately results in us also helping them to adjust their operations to support a multi-channel eCommerce environment. For many of these clients we help them on a monthly basis to optimize their marketplace performance as well as expand onto new marketplaces.


With over 270+ million active users, is the world’s largest online retailers with over $88.9 billion in annual sales (2015). At AuComm we have tons of experience in helping sellers to grow their Amazon sales. So whether you need help getting setup on Amazon, optimizing your products, managing Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or managing your entire Amazon account we can help. We can even help you automate the Amazon listing process using third party tools or creating a custom data feed from your website.

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In the past, ebay was known for only selling used items. Today, a majority of eBay’s sales come from new items offered by businesses both large and small. We’ve helped many of our clients to grow their eBay sales to become the leading seller for their industry and/or category. If you need help getting setup or growing your eBay business, give us a call. Our eCommerce experts have years of experience with the eBay marketplace and have a deep understanding of all the eBay seller tools.

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Other Marketplaces

Today there are tons of other marketplaces, most serving specific niche markets. Our eCommerce experts can help you identify the best marketplaces for you to sell on and help you to setup your new stores on each of these marketplaces. We will also help you to understand how each marketplace works and develop the proper strategy, process and procedures to optimize your sales on each marketplace.