Multi-channel eCommerce

Today, it isn’t enough to just sell on your website. Customers are now browsing and reviewing products on multiple online sales channels, so eCommerce sellers must be present on as many channels as possible to ensure they stay in front of their customers. We can help you expand your reach while also scaling your operations to meet the demands of a true multi-channel eCommerce business.

Expanding onto Marketplaces

Whether you want to sell on Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Newegg, or even Etsy, we can help you go expand your sales onto multiple marketplaces. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started on Amazon or if you already sell on multiple marketplaces and you need help scaling your business to streamline order processing and customer support. We have years of experience in working with multiple marketplaces as well as third party listing tools to help our clients expand their multi-channel eCommerce sales.

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Managing Inventory and Orders

One of the greatest challenges in selling in a multi-channel environment is keeping your inventory and orders in sync. We understand these challenges because we’ve helped many clients to architect the right solution that fits their multi-channel or Omni-channel needs. Whether we’re dealing with real-time integration’s with multiple systems or batch updates, we can help you design the best solution for your business. When dealing with a multi-channel environment you have to look at all pieces of the puzzle, so all components of your eCommerce ecosystem must be considered (eCommerce platform, ERP, Inventory Management System, Channel Management Software, etc.)

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Keeping a Consistent Brand

Many online retailers struggle with maintaining and growing an online brand while selling across multiple sales channels. When do you use one brand vs. creating flanker brands? If you use only one brand, how do you properly represent your brand on different sales platforms? Our team of eCommerce professionals can help guide you to the right strategy for your brand and business.